The CSUF Study

In accordance with the third goal of CSUF's Strategic Plan to recruit and retain a high quality and diverse faculty and staff, President Garcia charged the Diversity Action Plan Task Force (DAPT) to examine the campus climate. Following a national vetting, Rankin & Associates Consulting (R&A) was identified as a leader in conducting multiple studies examining multiple identities in higher education. Based on this national review CSUF contracted with R&A to facilitate a campus-wide climate assessment.

The purpose of the survey was to gather a wide variety of data related to institutional climate, inclusion, and work-life issues so that CSUF is better informed about the living and working environments for faculty and staff. The results of the survey provide important information about the campus climate at CSUF and enable the recruitment and retention of high-quality and diverse faculty and staff at CSUF as outlined in Strategic Plan Goal 3.

The campus-wide assessment was further evidence of CSUF's commitment to ensuring that all members of the community live in an environment that nurtures a culture of inclusiveness and respect on campus. The study include two major phases: 1) the gathering of data from a population survey informed by extensive campus community input; and 2) the development of strategic actions (based on the findings) to build on institutional successes, address institutional climate challenges, and promote institutional change.

The Diversity Action Task Force (DAPT):

The Task Force met on eleven occasions during the 2013-14 academic year. In its first meeting, the Task Force determined they would assess the campus climate and utilize results to identify and implement retention and engagement strategies. The Task Force drafted the climate survey scope of work, completed the RFP process and selected Rankin & Associates, Consulting to conduct the climate survey. Additionally, the Task Force developed focus groups, the survey instrument and the marketing & communication plan. The Task Force conducted the campus climate survey from March 12, 2014 through April 11, 2014.

Task Force members: Lori Gentles, José Cruz, Harry Norman, Emily Bonney, Dave Bowman, Melba Castro, Phenicia McCullough, Joe Ferrer, Carlos Navarro, Davida Hopkins-Parham, Ed Sullivan, and Valerie Orleans.


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